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vito boscaino

vito boscaino

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I was listening to a Jeff Coga webinar today and he was walking through some of his techniques on using Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In.  As is usual with Jeff, he had some interesting things to say and some of his techniques that he uses to maximize his social media footprint included using a tool that was new to me called Rapportive.  You can find this Add-In at and Firefox, Chrome and other browsers are supported.

Rapportive actually operates within your Gmail account.  When you read an email Rapportive will provide a panel of information that will indicate which social networks the email sender is connected to and will also provide a quick way to link with that person if you have not already done so.

I installed the Add-In today and played with the features a bit.  Once I had merged several email addresses that I use I brought up a few emails from folks that I wasn’t necessarily connected to and found it very easy to make immediate connections to their Twitter account, and Linked-In.

While I will have to use Rapportive day-in and day-out for awhile to get a thorough feel for it, I can absolutely see the value here and would highly recommend that you give it a try.

Have any of you tried Rapportive?  If so – What do you think?


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