Your existing customer base is the key to leveraging Social Media Networking

I ran across this article today on Business Insider, Debunking Three Of  The Biggest Social Media Marketing Myths, by Jim Asplund and Blaise James of The Gallup Management Journal, and thought it was a really important piece, and something that every Marketer, Social Media subject matter expert or business owner should take the time to read.

The most interesting perspective that is provided is that: “Customer engagement with a brand drives social engagement, the degree to which customers will work for or against your company or brand within their social networks.”  Many times, social media marketers will claim the exact reverse.  This is a very important concept to understand, especially as it relates to developing an overall marketing strategy that encompasses social marketing tactics.

To read the entire piece, click here:

Debunking Three Of  The Biggest Social Media Marketing Myths

I would be interested in hearing your perspective once you have read the article.

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