Well Pinterest seems to be the hot new thing lately, so over the weekend I created a couple of boards on Pinterest to start to get a feel for how it works. One of the boards is real estate related and I posted several of my current listings with links back to my primary real estate site: The other board is just for fun and is related to my personal passion for Wood Fire Pizza.

I have noticed a number of my friends and my daughters using Pinterest. To be honest, my casual observation is that there seem to be more females users than men. Does anyone else have this same perspective?

I’m really not sure what else I will be doing with Pinterest. At the moment I honestly don’t understand the “community” aspect of the site.

I have also read numerous articles on line which caution Pinterest users that they may be opening themselves to legal liability by “Pinning” picture to Pinterest, for which they do not have the legal right to do so. Does anyone else have concerns about this?

Let me know your thoughts and experiences about Pinterest. I am looking at it from both a personal and business perspective. Anyone using it for business purposes that has a point-of-view about it?

Let me know what you think!

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