Your existing customer base is the key to leveraging Social Media Networking

I ran across this article today on Business Insider, Debunking Three Of  The Biggest Social Media Marketing Myths, by Jim Asplund and Blaise James of The Gallup Management Journal, and thought it was a really important piece, and something that every Marketer, Social Media subject matter expert or business owner should take the time to read.

The most interesting perspective that is provided is that: “Customer engagement with a brand drives social engagement, the degree to which customers will work for or against your company or brand within their social networks.”  Many times, social media marketers will claim the exact reverse.  This is a very important concept to understand, especially as it relates to developing an overall marketing strategy that encompasses social marketing tactics.

To read the entire piece, click here:

Debunking Three Of  The Biggest Social Media Marketing Myths

I would be interested in hearing your perspective once you have read the article.


Great Article from Mashable on How Restaurants Can Better Use Facebook

vito boscaino

vito boscaino

13 Best Practices for Restaurants on Facebook



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Everyone has to eat, and 700 million of those people are also on Facebook.

Naturally, there are a lot of restaurants on the world’s largest social network, though there could be a lot more, and many of the ones that do have Facebook Pages could be better. To that end, Mashable spoke with social media stars from the hospitality industry about some best practices when it comes to Facebooking food.

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Several reasons to like DocStoc

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I was reading through some of my backlog of social media columns and articles yesterday and I ran across a piece regarding an application called DocStoc.  This article (and I am regretful that I did not recall who the author was) approached DocStoc from the perspective of having the application be useful to those searching for jobs as it allows you to upload your resume in a Word Document file format to the servers, where the document would then be searchable by Google and the various other search engines.

The point was that many recruiters and prospective employers obviously perform a Google Search on an individuals name as one of the very first steps when they want to do some background due diligence.  Thus, having your resume show up above the fold on page one of the Google search results would be a highly advantageous result for those wanting to have their resume get noticed.

And it works.  Very well.

I loaded a few documents including my resume late yesterday afternoon and today I saw that both documents were reflected in my Google search results, though on pages four and five, not yet on page one.  But I have hope and will monitor the progress.

The upload function allows you to provide a name, description and tags for every file you upload.  As well as assigning a category and subcategory for organization by subject purposes as well.

The nice thing about is that it has a lot of other great features as well.  And it is free.

I can think of a number of ways that DocStoc can be useful.  If you are trying to create back-links to your site or have EBooks that can help generate leads or sales, DocStoc is a great tool.

So I will try to provide more perspective on DocStoc as I use it over the near future.  I would love to hear back from folks who have had goor or bad experiences with DocStoc, or have run across other similar services.




Building your social network is easier than you think

vito boscaino

vito boscaino

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I was listening to a Jeff Coga webinar today and he was walking through some of his techniques on using Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In.  As is usual with Jeff, he had some interesting things to say and some of his techniques that he uses to maximize his social media footprint included using a tool that was new to me called Rapportive.  You can find this Add-In at and Firefox, Chrome and other browsers are supported.

Rapportive actually operates within your Gmail account.  When you read an email Rapportive will provide a panel of information that will indicate which social networks the email sender is connected to and will also provide a quick way to link with that person if you have not already done so.

I installed the Add-In today and played with the features a bit.  Once I had merged several email addresses that I use I brought up a few emails from folks that I wasn’t necessarily connected to and found it very easy to make immediate connections to their Twitter account, and Linked-In.

While I will have to use Rapportive day-in and day-out for awhile to get a thorough feel for it, I can absolutely see the value here and would highly recommend that you give it a try.

Have any of you tried Rapportive?  If so – What do you think?


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